Technology Evolution LumenCache makes your LED lighting adaptable to your lifestyle. LumenCache enables the consumer to reduce energy usage and puts more money in your pocket.

LumenCache is a revolutionary product that adds intelligence to the last 1000 feet of power distribution. Renewable energy sources and LED lighting have changed the requirements for local power distribution in homes and buildings. The LumenCache platform replaces traditional 110V AC power distribution in buildings with a new standard more appropriate to the low power needs and digital capabilities of electronic devices including LED lights.


So what are the benefits over traditional AC LED lights?

  • Separation of the luminary from the driver
  • Inexpensive wiring
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Safe Class 2 power
  • Resilient battery backed operation
  • Smart sensors and operation
  • Efficient operation
  • Reliable, Low-maintenance

So what are the benefits for you?

  • Use less energy resulting in a smaller electricity bill
  • Have backup power when there are power outages
  • User friendly and low maintenance
  • Inexpensive wiring and easy installation
  • Dimmable
  • Longer lasting than traditional lightbulbs

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